How to pump your back in the gym

Not all visitors to the gym can boast a powerful, pumped back. There are some secrets that will help bring your body to perfect forms. This article will provide a general outline of how to properly pump your back in the gym.

Some pitching moves the main exercises for the back muscles into the background, paying attention to working with the front and accordingly visible muscles in the mirror (chest, biceps). This applies primarily to beginners. They disappear all day in the halls, not thinking that male power is in the legs and back.

Strength training and their effectiveness

Modern pitching more and more often wonder how to pump your back in the gym. Experts advise you to regularly perform a pattern of heavy basic exercises for the back. This will provide more amazing results. For example, deadlift or pull-ups with weights will help to gain the necessary mass quickly enough.

All exercises should be repeated at least ten times. After basic exercises, you can begin to work with insulating exercises, such as traction of the upper and lower blocks or reverse polover. But here it is important to remember that these exercises give an effect only after a set of the necessary kilograms of muscle mass of the back. Such trainings would be nice to combine with deltas and biceps training.

The basic rule that must be strictly observed is: «When carrying out traction movements, there should be a clear focus, you need to pull only with your back, and not with your hands!».

Structure of the spinal muscles

Before pumping a broad back, you should study its structure so as not to harm your body. The back muscles have the following structure:

  • Trapezoidal;
  • Back straighteners;
  • The widest;
  • The remaining muscles, which will also be actively involved in the main movements.

And until we swing all these muscles, we can hardly be proud of a truly powerful and large back.

Exercises to help build your back in the gym

Weightlifting Pullups

If all a person’s thoughts come down to how best to pump his back, then he should immediately understand that there is no way to do without numerous pull-ups. They help to build huge muscles in width and add a couple of kilograms of muscle mass specifically in the back. They are considered the most effective when they are made with some kind of burden. To pull up was as effective as possible, you need to alternate the types of pull-ups.


This exercise is considered difficult enough for beginner athletes. All the muscles of the body are connected to the work, and a push is made towards increasing the latissimus, trapezium, lumbar and a few leg muscles. These physical exercises help to strengthen muscle straighteners, but at the same time it is quite traumatic for the spine and ligaments.

Rod traction with alternating inclinations (traction in traction)

This exercise helps build up your entire back. Large round, rhomboid and trapezius muscles work here. Before you swing your back, you need to learn how to do a direct grip with an average slope. The degree of workload of a particular area depends on the correctness of its implementation.

One-handed dumbbell pull

Pocket traction is one of the best exercises for the back, because it allows you to perform traction with a maximum range of motion. You can independently change the amplitude of movement and focus on the desired area of the body. In this case, it will be possible to avoid undesirable stress in the lower dorsal region. But, as always, in this exercise the technique is more important than weights.


Thinking about how to pump up your back muscles, I advise you to turn to professionals for help. Experts will tell you that, for example, for the lower zone of the trapezoid, it is most useful to make shrugs with a small forward inclination. During their execution, any rotation by the shoulders is strictly prohibited. They can be very harmful.

Upper and lower block rod

These exercises are more likely to be secondary because they are insulating comprare deca durabolin. But it is due to isolation that they allow you to work out the muscles more concentrated. This means that you do not need to pull large weights in the simulators, where it is better to focus on the technique of exercise and make delays at the point of maximum reduction.


Those athletes who perform this exercise actively train their back straighteners. And although this muscle is assigned a rather secondary role in the visual construction of the back, they take their expense of functioning. Rectifiers hold the spine and their strength allows you to perform other exercises that are more effective for visualizing the back safely!

A powerful back is the key to effective training.